Confirm your organization participates in establishing and sustaining internal project management infrastructure and processes to ensure the Continuous Delivery of high quality data and analysis and other products to internal and external stakeholders.

More Uses of the Continuous Delivery Toolkit:

  • Coordinate maintenance and optimization of infrastructure used by the Software Development team to support automated deployments and Continuous Delivery of applications.
  • Support the rest of the engineering team in growing and maintaining the Infrastructure as code / Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery.
  • Confirm your organization ensures Continuous Delivery of IT solutions through monitoring/oversight of service level agreements with end users and technology service provider partners.
  • Ensure your organization utilizes agile software development practices, data and testing standards, code review, source code management, Continuous Delivery, and software architecture.
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of engineering and product processes, as Continuous Delivery and high quality automated testing.
  • Participate as a key resource in organization wide Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration/DevOps software release process.
  • Be certain that your organization devops mindset, utilizes agile software development practices, data and testing standards, code review, source code management, Continuous Delivery, and software architecture.
  • Ensure your organization adopts service design, where appropriate, through architecture modularity to enable Continuous Delivery.
  • Strategize, plan and manage all processes related to continuous integration, Continuous Delivery, and process automation.
  • Arrange that your organization builds continuous integration, Continuous Delivery, and continuous deployment software tools that support the team and clients.
  • Support devops techniques as continuous improvement, release planning, continuous integration, Continuous Delivery, continuous testing, and continuous monitoring and feedback.
  • Control: partner with iam architects to meet client requirements for application Continuous Delivery, business continuity, and performance metrics.
  • Write and maintain the scripts for configuration of the automated Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery deployments.
  • Govern: design and implement large scale systems and service oriented architectures (soa) that enable Continuous Delivery.
  • Standardize: leverage automation to implement and manage security solutions that support continuous integration/Continuous Delivery and security as code.
  • Help to architect and accelerate technologies necessary to enable rapid innovation, and Continuous Delivery of mobile applications for the business, while ensuring high quality, resiliency, and efficiency in operations.
  • Lead: leverage Continuous Delivery tools to securely deploy microservices to various environments and ensure slas for uptime, latency and throughput across multiple data centers.
  • Introduce techniques that promote continuous experimentation, innovation, adaptability and flexibility to enable Continuous Delivery of business value.
  • Ensure your organization oversees the design, implementation and support of technology stacks working with engineering teams to deliver new products leveraging Continuous Delivery and integration.
  • Be part of the maturation from process optimization through to developing automation to support Continuous Delivery and continuous integration.
  • Drive: design and development of automation to support Continuous Delivery and continuous integration processes.
  • Represent the team as a technical leader to deliver a highly scalable and robust Continuous Delivery platform for your organization.
  • Confirm your organization creates structure, organizational processes based on iterative development models and Continuous Delivery to drive outcomes and value of Agile delivery teams.
  • Create shared service platform system architecture for next generation continuous integration, Continuous Delivery, monitoring and observability platforms.
  • Develop: net, nosql, docker, kubernetes, aws, serverless, agile sdlc, continuous integration, Continuous Delivery and continuous deployment.


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