Review terms and conditions to address provisions and risks of financial terms, acceptance criteria, delivery requirements, warranty, intellectual property, termination provisions, indemnification and all other potential risk areas and recommend risk mitigation strategies.

  • Coordinate and lead meetings involving numerous stakeholders from across the business to collect and incorporate agreement feedback.
  • Be accountable for acting as a Procurement contact engaging with business stakeholders to drive execution of contracting and sourcing activities.
  • Advise various levels of leadership regarding contractual rights and obligations and interpretation of terms and conditions.
  • Identify performance gaps, trends, and process enhancements to improve customer interactions, training, procedures, and/or system enhancements.
  • Be accountable for performing necessary systematic corrective action on issues related to supplier purchase orders or contract non compliance.
  • Ensure you gain; build upon organization acquired knowledge to solve actual business and financial issues associated with contract closeout.
  • Confirm your enterprise establishes work priorities and coordinates activities of other administrative personnel to meet work deadlines and ensure timely provision of administrative support to department/organization personnel.
  • Communicate and partner with Original Animation, Business and Legal Affairs team members regarding contractual rights and obligations.
  • Make sure that your planning analyzes, evaluate and advises management on the effectiveness of line programs and/or the efficiency of the management of assigned programs.
  • Confirm your enterprise
  • Establish that your organization serves as single point of contact between Provider Relations and accountable delivery system divisional management on a service line basis.
  • Quantify results and review with management, business partners, and work to enhance certain processes and/or training based on that data.


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