Review terms and conditions to address provisions and risks of financial terms, acceptance criteria, delivery requirements, warranty, intellectual property, termination provisions, indemnification and all other potential risk areas and recommend risk mitigation strategies.

More Uses of the Contract management Toolkit:

  • Manage the relationships with vendors for cost effectiveness, maintain a vendor repository to ensure effective Contract management and vendor relationships, and ensure that change management procedures/methodologies are used.
  • Be accountable for performing necessary systematic corrective action on issues related to supplier purchase orders or contract non compliance.
  • Ensure you build upon organization acquired knowledge to solve actual business and financial issues associated with contract closeout.
  • Formulate: review official communications to internal and external parties for timeliness, sufficiency and accuracy before transmitting.
  • Methodize: schedule and coordinate multi task projects in an evolving and deadline driven environment in order to maintain timely completion of contract functions.
  • Be certain that your organization serves as single point of contact between Provider Relations and accountable delivery system divisional management on a service line basis.
  • Advise various levels of leadership regarding contractual rights and obligations and interpretation of terms and conditions.
  • Confirm your organization enters and review all customer purchase orders into Contract management and billing system to ensure accurate billing and accounting regulations.
  • Steer: Contract management review to ensure specific requirements are present, appropriate review and signing authority is present.
  • Coordinate with Contract management and Government personnel to ensure the problems have been properly defined and the solutions satisfy customer needs.
  • Perform sla Contract management and oversee contract operations for all IT infrastructure service levels, govern service providers.
  • Establish and develop close working relationships across lines of business and with technical, audit, compliance, security and legal teams as necessary.
  • Be accountable for developing database design and implement integration solutions, while providing project estimation costing, resource allocation and Contract management.
  • Assure your organization analyzes, evaluate and advises management on the effectiveness of line programs and/or the efficiency of the management of assigned programs.
  • Guide: monitor and maintain the Contract management software and database information as vendor data entry, setting reminders, running reports and keeping facility information up to date.
  • Confirm your organization serves as a liaison with contract providers to ensure participation is consistent with program, legal and fiscal requirements.
  • Facilitate the execution, processing and tracking of Commercial contracts through process creation, monitoring and improvement.
  • Lead client negotiations, project manage the negotiation process, update agreement with applicable changes and document agreements using clear, concise and accurate terms.
  • Standardize: in the process, you fulfill the applicable legal, information security and regulatory requirements on behalf of your organization.
  • Be accountable for advising key managers of important Contract management issues and directs action to identify and resolve critical administrative or technical problems.
  • Supervise: Contract management, financial management, operations, quality, inventory management, warehouse management, parts sales / overall customer service, sales, and facilities maintenance.
  • Support planning in communication of the demand forecast as necessary to ensure supply continuity, and capacity availability.
  • Be accountable for acting as a Procurement contact engaging with business stakeholders to drive execution of contracting and sourcing activities.
  • Confirm your organization represents saas at procurement trade fairs and other outreach activities to provide opportunities and information on the saas contracting programs.
  • Supervise, mentor and coach junior Contract management staff allocated to a specific project or account to ensure most effective utilization of resources.


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