Core Business Solutions: Why IT Governance?

The old school way of doing things in the Information Technology department is not very clearly defined. A particular way of handling data, for example, may be what the employees are used to – but the question is, is it better, easier and  more beneficial from an IT professional’s perspective? In order to assess the potential of the core business values of an organization, IT governance principles have been developed. Today, a lot of businesses all over the world are tapping into the benefits of IT governance principles to reach their IT infrastructure’s maximum potential. Here is a quick look at some of the principles behind IT governance, a core business solution: First, IT governance is something which is needed by small-scale, medium-scale and especially large-scale business establishments. IT governance is a way of setting the boundaries in terms of a company’s management and IT strategies to ensure that the business goals are being met.

The goal of setting such boundaries is to ensure that whenever a company takes on a task or a project, there will be better control over the quality of work, the manpower used, as well as the financing of the entire project. Also, IT governance principles, when applied to project management, assure transparency and accountability of each individual involved in the finishing of the assigned tasks. More importantly, it is a way of seeing to it that there is compliance with the current IT standards and each step taken contributes towards the successful completion of the task. When all these goals are realized, IT governance becomes a core business solution that companies certainly cannot do without.

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