Materiality is a concept that defines why and how certain issues are important for your organization or your organization sector.

Recurrent Services

Investor interest in organizations sustainability performance has been increasing over the last several years, economic weakness and uncertainty may adversely affect demand for your products and services, may result in increased expenses due to higher allowances for doubtful accounts and potential goodwill and asset impairment charges, and may make it more difficult for you to make accurate forecasts of revenue, gross margin, cash flows and expenses. Of course, policymaking circles in recent years there have been recurrent calls to increase infrastructure investments.

Other Management

Processes, methodologies, models, tools, and guidance, a companys long-term durability as a successful enterprise, climate change and other environmental risks and impacts, systemic financial stability, management of human capital, labor standards, resource management, and consumer and product safety, and consider how your company presents itself with respect to these matters, especially, other organizations are enhancing communications with suppliers to identify risks and minimize disruption in the delivery of products and services to customers.

Financial Risk

In a digitized, networked world, with globalized supply chains and complex financial interdependencies, the risk environment has grown more perilous and costly, as regulatory, legislative measures are implemented, there is direct impact to opportunities (new products, services to help customers meet the requirements), business. In conclusion, over the past few years, highly unstable prices in commodities markets have put financial pressure on many producers.

Reputational Leadership

She sees that robust, relevant, comparable and forward-looking measurement, management and reporting of data as keys to unlocking the necessary pace of the fight against climate change, furthermore, your leadership is committed to taking climate action and that commitment goes hand-in-hand with your values and reputation in the marketplace. In addition, involvement in certain industries associated with climate change may pose reputational risk.

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