Drive transformational change to streamline and optimize cross organization and international product transfer processes, procedures and improve effectiveness of internal controls over transfers.

More Uses of the COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework Toolkit:

  • Evaluate critical business applications, technical platforms, network security, databases, Cybersecurity, and IT general computer controls as appropriate.
  • Update and track the inventory of control deficiencies and other internal control issues.
  • Control: generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Provide support to financial process owners and control activity owners in the deficiency evaluation and remediation process.
  • Maintain an awareness of technological changes in the functional areas and operational areas to be audited.
  • Encourage an environment of teamwork, accountability, and open communication.
  • Ensure your operation oversees audits of third parties.
  • Contribute to the evolution of the SOX compliance program through improvement and standardization of all components of internal control.
  • Initiate: comprehensive procedures are developed and executed to assess existing system of internal control.


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