DOIT System Development Methodology

Cost Benefit Analysis

February 2007
System Development Methodology
March 2007
Begin roll out of SDM -overview
April -November
Explain purpose of each phase

System Development Methodology
April 2007 -Cost Benefit Analysis
Provides cost and benefit information to:
Analyze and evaluate alternative solutions to business problems
Make decisions about initiating, as well as continuing the development of IT systems
Clearly indicate cost to conform to architecture standards

System Development Methodology
CBA + feasibility study
Confirms that the defined IT system concept is significant enough to warrant an IT project with life cycle management activities
System Development Methodology
CBA Purpose:
Confirm that projected benefits of the proposed IT project justify the projected resources required

Challenges of CBA
Knowing what data to gather -costs & benefits
Developing comprehensive comparison for alternatives
Presenting analysis in business and fiscal terms

Projecting and measuring results

Relating actual cost benefits to funding and budget

CBA team
Lois Bryant
Willy Isaac
Chuck Hoadley
Karen Marcolini
Fred Massa
Len Smith
Lee Verrone

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