With the advanced technologies, computerization in the business industry is proliferating.  When computers and robots were first introduced to run the machines, nowadays even personnel performance can be monitored so as to expect high quality of service to its clients.  The need for information technology service to guide business operations is the new accepted approach and is known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®).

ITIL® is an infrastructure library that started in the United Kingdom. It is an accepted approach to IT Service Management around the world.  It includes the best practice approaches from the private and public sectors internationally.  It is intended to facilitate the delivery of IT services with high quality. ITIL® provides an outline of the comprehensive set of management procedures that is intended to help businesses in attaining the high financial quality and value in IT operations.

The ITIL® originally started as a collection of books that covers the specific practice within the IT Service Management.  After the first publication, the number of books grew from ITIL® V1 to over 30 volumes.  To make it more affordable to other businesses, it was decided to consolidate the volumes into logical sets that aimed to group related process guidelines into the different aspects of IT management, applications and services.  ITIL® was also found to have benefited the IT community through its provision of common vocabulary, a glossary of IT words widely defined and used in the IT world.

With the ITIL® you can be sure that anything that goes wrong in the management of your IT service, count on ITIL®.

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