Secure that your organization drives continuous improvement opportunities for Coupa utilization, process simplification, process standardization and/or cycle reduction for transaction process execution.

More Uses of the Coupa Toolkit:

  • Ensure you administer; lead contract life cycle management process with legal department and implement Coupa module in the next phase of Coupa implementation.
  • Solidify expertise with Coupa or similar procurement system.
  • Manage day to day activities and transactions in Procurement; become the expert and go to person for all Coupa related matters, supporting the entire organization.
  • Direct: Coupa managing consultant technology solutions.
  • Ensure you officiate; lead process supplier invoices in Coupa that are in the match exception process.
  • Ensure you mentor; lead business process owner Coupa.
  • Orchestrate: staff supply chain analyzing Coupa admin.
  • Ensure future success of supplier engagement and adoptions of Coupa.
  • Serve as the first point of contact for partners and be the liaison between Coupa sales teams and partners.
  • Establish: actively lead and be part of the project management team for the Coupa software implementation project.
  • Follow Coupa implementation methodology for all customers and tailor to meet each customers unique business needs.
  • Control: technology consulting supply chain and operations Coupa management.
  • Enable the sales team on the Coupa sales processes and best practices.
  • Audit: technology supply chain and operations Coupa consulting.


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