Create and Edit Your Websites Using Web 2.0 Photoshop

Web 2.0 has grown its popularity and the term visual style has been associated with the term.  Corporate sites, web service sites, ecommerce sites, and even personal blogs make use of clean, minimalist design coupled with fancy graphic effects.

Photoshop is a popular image editing program developed by Adobe Systems.  It has released an online photo editor that is totally web based and totally free.  The Web 2.0 Photoshop competes with web based communities and host services such as,, and .  These websites also allow users to make their blog pictures. With Photoshop users can upload pictures and do basic adjustments such as cropping, resizing, changing saturation, tweak brightness, etc.

There are tutorials available on the internet on how to create and edit Web 2.0 Photoshop.  You need to remember that with web 2.0, users are given the chance to create their own website and take control of it.  It is necessary that in order to get readers attention is to create a website that conveys your goals and purpose.  A website where ideas are expressed through pictures other than text. 

Some Web 2.0 Photoshop tutorials include creating a web logo, adding reflections or putting blend on logo, dropping shadow for style buttons, adding text to photoshop style buttons, and adding strokes to photoshop stickers.

You need to be creative.  Your website photoshop should be relevant and informative.  Your choice of text font, pictures and backgrounds would determine the rate of your website rating

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