To those people who want to let the world know about their interests must learn how to create their own website. It is for this reason why writer Jennifer O’ Connor featured an article that uses a teaser: “Create Your Own Podcast!” She discussed in her article the vital pointers to remember when making a podcast with the ideas of other professionals as well. Some of these pointers will be tackled on the succeeding discussion.

Of course, when creating a podcast, people must always have the necessary tools and attractive program. The tools needed are a computer with an incorporated microphone. If it does not have one, USB headset will be a good alternative. A recorder is also necessary such as MP3 encoder or Windows Sound Recorder. Now, to come out with an attractive program, it will be ideal to present an interview or maybe other voices to make the podcast more interesting. It also needs to be brief yet substantial. And more importantly, it must follow a regular schedule.       

Essentially, she presented seven reasons why people should create their own podcast:
•    Podcast requires people to use the equipment most of them already have—computer and Internet connection basically. Meaning, podcast will only require small cost to be made.
•    Podcast can quickly attract more focused audience.
•    The person who owns the podcast takes control on what he would podcast and how long it would be.
•    Podcast is an automatic, convenient, and inexpensive way to reach out to great numbers of audience or clients.
•    Podcast can make someone become a known expert.
•    Generate money by presenting valuable information or by promoting a business to a focused marketplace.  

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