Making an attractive website or webpage depends highly on how creative the webmaster is. With Web 2.0, many functionalities and features can be added on a certain website to make it look better and more beautiful. One of the most famous techniques that may add elegance or professionalism on a certain website is the use of Web 2.0 reflection. Using one of the best photo editors, Adobe Photoshop, the Web 2.0 reflection can be achieved easily.

The first step is, of course, opening the Adobe Photoshop application CS3 or CS. When the Adobe Photoshop window is already active, the “file” at the menu bar should be clicked. Then, the “New” should be chosen. The canvas should be named by typing on the ‘name’ field. Then, the size of the canvas should be determined. After that, the color of the foreground and the background should be selected. It is important that the colors combined should be light and dark. It should also be remembered that the Web 2.0 reflection looks better on a dark background. Anyway, the foreground and the background colors can always be changed anytime.

Entering the text should be the next step. That text should be duplicated by pressing ctrl+J. There should be a new layer created after that. The copied text should be put under the original text. The copied text should be flipped vertically through pressing ctrl+T. That will be the reflection. To make the reflection look like a real reflection, the opacity should be decreased to the desired level. It should be filled with gradient to make it more attractive. It just needs adjusting of the opacity and the color to achieve the desired reflection. After that, there will be the Web 2.0 reflection.

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