The success of the landing page to produce higher conversion rate is determined by a lot of conflicting variables brought about by the environment where it basically tries to survive.  These variables are often needed to be tested with variable indicator’s success rate prior to using them as part of the landing page component.  The components below are critical variables that may or may not be needed to be employed on a landing page.  You can actually test your landing page against these variables to determine the rate of success in achieving higher conversion rate.

a. Short or long content for a landing page.  With long contents, you have the ability to properly and effectively expound and elaborate the concepts and insights that you have in mind in order for your potential readers appreciate and learn what you are trying to say.  However, since time is a very essential element, short contents usually attract more readers than the long content.  
b. Landing page with a logo or without.  There are times that putting a credible logo or slogan of an established and well-respected companies help attract potential clients to visit and trust a site.  This assumption is being generalized. However, not all the time that this does happen.  At times, in few isolated cases, putting a logo creates a negative impact.  So, better weigh it!
c. Landing page with a banner or without a banner.  Banners are aesthetically appealing to the potential clients.  Putting a banner adds color and beauty to a landing page.  However, the banner when placed may become the reason to shy away potential clients because to some the presence of the banner on a landing page is a sore to the eye.  

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