Lead or commission activities relating to contingency planning, business continuity management and IT disaster recovery in conjunction with relevant functions and third parties.

More Uses of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Toolkit:

  • Supervise and monitor the functions of civilian IT specialists and contractors involved with providing IT network security system administration and training support.
  • Arrange that your organization understands, demonstrate, and coaches lower level peers on all organization and regulatory safety practices and requirements.
  • Identify and communicate unsafe conditions to Contractors, Project Manager and assure safety concerns and issues are resolved.
  • Provide security expertise and guidance to a diverse set of engineering, operations and business teams.
  • Ensure you build security tools and processes using Python for Critical Infrastructure Protection, monitoring and remediation.
  • Formulate: construction managers for the construction and commissioning of electric lines and substation projects.
  • Make sure that your organization analyzes and evaluates diverse data and formulate into coherent practical operation plans, processes and procedures.
  • Manage performance of outsourced Construction companies to ensure adherence to safety, quality, schedules, budgets, cost effective means and methods.
  • Ensure field construction managers obtain all construction materials and material handling plans are established and properly managed and reported.
  • Identify: security and to immediately determine if its configuration is in alignment with best practices and regulatory standards.
  • Provide financial management and planning expertise to support Planning, Programming, and Budgeting cycles.
  • Establish that your organization develops and maintains information security policies, procedures and control techniques in accordance with FISMA.
  • Systematize: proactively identify construction risk during the planning, execution and construction phases and eliminate risks and execute risk mitigation plans.
  • Ensure you build security tools and processes using Python or Go for Critical Infrastructure Protection, monitoring and remediation.
  • Provide accurate inputs related to the budget process to providing field estimates, resource needs, and oversight of the construction budget.
  • Ensure you build security tools and processes for Critical Infrastructure Protection, monitoring and remediation.
  • Foster relationships with client personnel to analyze, evaluate and enhance information systems to develop and improve security at procedural and governance levels.
  • Coordinate and communicate necessary actions to maintain compliance with applicable internal and regulatory standards.
  • Ensure telecommunications services, systems, components, processes and procedures comply with and are aligned to policies, standards and enterprise technology direction.
  • Manage project operations to ensure production schedules are met, system resources are utilized effectively, and proper relationships are established between customers.
  • Lead the construction projects negotiations and joint planning efforts with other utilities.


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