Every affiliate marketer should understand the importance of a landing page.  It is the key to the success of any online business.  It can be compared to an advertising kiosk on a busy marketplace or mall where customers get their first glimpse of a product.  A landing page, just like the kiosk, attracts customers in order to capture numerous sales leads.  This means online advertisers also increase their chances of getting numerous paying customers.  

It is not easy though to create a landing page.  It takes considerable investment to create and build a landing page and publish it on the Internet.  The task gets doubly hard because online marketing cannot succeed on a single landing page only.  Multiple landing pages are needed in order to see the concrete result of an online advertising campaign.  That is why it is essential to use a landing page generator to automate the task and reduce the cost of the online ad campaign.

A landing page generator is a specialized SEO application.  It is actually a web builder program but specifically geared to create multiple quality landing pages.  A landing page generator practically eliminates all the manual work in designing and optimizing a sales web page.  It can also guarantee that the keywords and content of the landing pages are highly relevant.  The generator can also build multiple pages in less time.  So, affiliate marketers can publish them simultaneously with a single click which could widen their advertising space on the Internet and target lots of paying customers.  

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