While every business considers business planning and strategy very important, creating a two-way exchange with customers is also quite as important. After all, the success of the business is not just pure cost cutting and being productive. It is also very much dependent on how customers and clients perceive the company’s products and services.

This is where the philosophy of CRM or Customer Relationship Management comes in.  CRM is basically a synthesis of the strategies, policies and philosophies that exists in the company in order to create a good and valuable exchange with its customers. It includes delivering the needs and wants of the customers as well as gathering information from the customers for the purpose of creating future products that will be of service the same clients. All of these efforts are connected by an information system that will enable for the information to flow efficiently.

There would be a database that will hold all information in the company. There should be software that will convert gathered information into a strategy. The software should also be able to ensure its effective implementation and to validate if goals are achieved. Of course, improvements should be made where the company sees necessary. The improvement could be on the software or it could be on the implementation policies. All efforts should be coordinated within the company. Policies and software should also be coordinated.

The leading provider of CRM software is Siebel Systems. All through the years, Siebel has been delivering CRM applications starting from SFA software, then call center solutions and a whole wide range of front office applications. Through it alliances with other companies, it has become widely used and implemented. It was then bought by its closest competitor, Oracle Corporation, making it now a band name of the said company. 

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