Customer relations management is a very important business function.  It will keep companies to stay competitive in the market because a good customer relation can develop a solid client base.  To systematize customer relations, companies have implemented different CRM solutions. These solutions are integrated applications that can automate customer support.  It can also be used for important marketing tasks such as designing marketing and sales strategies.  A CRM solution can also be used to integrate other business functions such as inventory control and management, customer contact, business reporting and business intelligence.

With so many CRM products available in the market, it would be very difficult for some companies to choose which one is the best.  This is especially true for companies that have no prior experience with business automation. 

In order to maximize the benefits of CRM solutions, companies should carefully evaluate their internal business needs.  They should determine their specific market niche and set limitations on the scope of their customer contact and relations management.  In this way, companies would be able to scale down an out of the box CRM package and design it according to their specific business needs.  Customization of the software is important in order to really capture the demands of the market and to tune the capabilities of the CRM application based on those demands.

Companies should also determine if the CRM solutions that they will apply have all the functionalities and tools needed for the business.  They should choose a complete package that organizes and automates all the essential tasks of customer relations management.

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