CSIP: ITIL Planning To Implement Service Management

ITIL® planning to implement service management falls under the service management process of ITIL®.  It is primarily concerned with providing businesses guidelines on how to align the current business IT infrastructure with future business IT needs and requirements.  The ITIL® planning to implement service management will develop guidelines for the Continuous Service Improvement Program (CSIP) which will include creating a vision, analysis of the organization, setting of goals, implementation of IT service management and measuring and evaluating progress through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

If organizations are embarking on an ITIL® planning to implement service management, it should be understood that they have fully adopted the ITIL® framework of best practice approaches and have a clear understanding of the service management concepts.

Basic questions need to be answered in planning to implement service management in ITIL®.  The first and most important would be answering what the vision is.  A vision statement will create a purpose for the CSIP and will bring about commitment from the individuals and empower everyone involved in the project.

After creating a vision, the next step in ITIL® planning to implement service management is to determine the current IT infrastructure and analyse where it is now and where it wants to be in the future.  This will determine the service management and stakeholders maturity.  By carefully mapping out and analysing the current IT organization, the company can then set goals in achieving its future requirements and they can fully define where they want to be with regards to future roles based on current assessment.

Once the management has created a vision, analysis and set its goals, it is then time to implement the IT service management.  It should be clear, empowering, well communicated and with a clear sense of accountability.  This way, your ITIL® planning to implement service management can have measurable goals that can be evaluated.

The ITIL® planning to service management is just one of the many ITIL® processes.  All businesses should have a program for continuous improvement so future requirements are expected.


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