Participate in new Curriculum Design from concept development through production to ensure a threading of instruction from concept introduction to concept development to mastery of concept, occurs throughout the curriculum.

More Uses of the Curriculum Design Toolkit:

  • Be certain that your organization supports the education department on Curriculum Design, development, and implementation.
  • Audit: design/build training strategy, Curriculum Design format, content development process, training delivery approach, training guides, quick reference materials and other key work products that are repeatable/scalable system.
  • Be certain that your business complies; sales Curriculum Designer.
  • Establish: partner with clients in Curriculum Design and modification.
  • Ensure you boost; lead with expertise in instructional methods, training techniques, Curriculum Design.
  • Ensure you have managed a customer facing Curriculum Design and training team.
  • Govern: Curriculum Designer online learning.
  • Contribute to Curriculum Design and departmental development.
  • Be accountable for storyboarding for Curriculum Design and development.


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