Drive customer success outcomes by influencing Customer Lifetime Value through retention, high product adoption, customer satisfaction, and overall net promoter scores, enabling expansion, and new business growth through customer advocacy.

More Uses of the Customer Lifetime Value Toolkit:

  • Collaborate with the team to launch, manage, and optimize customer acquisition campaigns, defining and owning metrics that capture marketing channel performance and identifying insightful trends.
  • Be the face of Automation implementation for new customers, moving multiple accounts through key milestones and tracking learnings in real time.
  • Create engaging designs to send to the proper subscriber segments at the right time to drive engagement, revenue, and Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Identify appropriate marketing technologies, systems and processes to ensure transparency and visibility to customer engagement, marketing materials and marketing touches with customers.
  • Ensure your organization is growing super quickly and constantly trying new things, which makes every day different and challenging there are tons of growth and learning opportunities.
  • Confirm you understand and prioritize transit organization technology needs to ensure the features and tools developed to deliver value to your customers.
  • Create engaging copy to send to the proper subscriber segments at the right time to drive engagement, revenue, and Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Become capable of managing and directing website technical structure, design and aesthetics, content, navigation, information architecture and functionality efforts.
  • Arrange that your organization advises leadership and/or business executives at the highest levels about the project portfolio status and plans for delivering strategic business initiatives.
  • Ensure you lead product managers and engineers throughout the onboarding and data validation processes while maintaining relationships with key external and internal stakeholders.
  • Standardize: development of animation strategies driven by customer segmentation, lifecycle stage, product penetration, offers and customer value to grow wallet share.
  • Manage all retention metrics to deliver on performance targets; increase retention rates/decrease churn, increase customer engagement, increase customer loyalty and referrals.
  • Drive Customer Lifetime Value through relationship based identification of opportunities to reduce churn and foster account growth in response to customer needs and solutions.
  • Take extreme ownership in developing high performing Enterprise Customer Success teams and successfully manage the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly production.
  • Secure that your organization oversees brand / product introductions, marketing / sales campaigns, promotion activities, and advertising and assesses success against the plan.
  • Be accountable for managing sell through, in season inventory, and excess inventory to agreed upon targets and thresholds to support revenue and margin targets.
  • Orchestrate: plan, build, and execute scalable, predictable and repeatable lifecycle programs that achieve growth targets while improving customer retention.
  • Guide: customer loyalty and engagement devise strategies, creative marketing propositions and campaigns to increase engagement, long term loyalty and satisfaction of subscribers.
  • Be accountable for enabling a Customer Lifetime Value framework is critical to empowering your Government Business Segment to achieve its long term growth and earnings goals.
  • Help to build executive level customer engagements to increase engagement and awareness of the Drift value that translates into success for economic buyers and builds the success into customer advocates.
  • Formulate and develop strategies and plan to build successful demand generation by leveraging deep understanding in market intelligence, insight, and data.
  • Collaborate with the engineering and development team to set up or configure your software platform as per customers requirements and troubleshoot technical issues raised by customers.
  • Drive the roadmap for Customer Data Analytical Models for use in marketing segmentation, targeting, personalization, sales enablement, and similar use cases.
  • Head: work across departments to drive issue resolution and provide feedback on business process to all functions and serves as a point of escalation for customers and team.
  • Methodize: partner closely with your customer success managers and account managers to solidify and execute client deployment strategy based on customer goals and kpis.


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