Confirm your organization ensures the organizational design process leads to a more efficient and effective business and operating model, significantly improved results (profitability, customer service, internal operations), and resources who are empowered and committed to the integration of business and IT.

More Uses of the Customer Service Toolkit:

  • Standardize: effective organizational skills with detail orientation necessary to coordinate multiple and frequently conflicting concurrent tasks in an environment with frequent interruptions while providing high level customer service and good follow through.
  • Communicate decisions and supply impacts to all stakeholders, escalation, and prioritization of supply responses around all issues and opportunities impacting customer service to stakeholders.
  • Evaluate: work closely with relevant functional areas to achieve overall product development success (operations/manufacturing and quality, marketing and sales, customer service, finance, and technical support).
  • Oversee: work closely with the sales, technical support, and customer service organization to understand issues with the existing products; from features, performance, to packaging and motivates and delivers changes.
  • Develop and maintain valid end to end supply plans for each product group to promote and support execution for achieving customer service levels and inventory turns per agreed target levels.
  • Ensure your organization manages short and long term objectives to secure business assets which are balanced with ensuring high levels of customer service delivery, regulatory/audit compliance and system standardization.
  • Manage work with multiple, diverse stakeholders in a cross functional project environment developing strategies to enhance communication, coordinate service provision, and improve customer service in a fast pace environment with a high level of detail, attention and efficiency.
  • Ensure your organization manages build rapport with key decision makers and provide outstanding customer service through developing regular sales calls and providing necessary after sale follow up to promote sell through and additional orders.
  • Identify current and future customer service requirements by establishing personal rapport with potential and actual customers and other persons in a position to understand service requirements.
  • Hire and develop a talented staff to support and execute your organization strategy by setting clear direction, stretch goals, distribute work appropriately, plan activities, drive for results, follow up and reward excellence and customer service.
  • Collaborate closely with revenue leaders and service delivery vertical leaders to drive continuous improvement and scale the customer service function by automating service functions in the app along with operating an agile customer contact center.
  • Ensure your end goalis to facilitate and spearhead initiatives to resolve product complexity based on data informed decision making, building insights models, and utilizing robust Big Data resources and customer service sentiment to extract and tell compelling stories.
  • Head: as account level contact for existing customers, provides account support and coordinates service activity through collaboration with pricing, operations, sales, and customer service regarding commercial and operational issues.
  • Methodize: core customer service supporting customers with lower costs of service while ensuring call center agents are increasing productivity and/or finding ways to increase organization bottom line.
  • Supervise: partner with brand operations/customer service, merchants, marketers and other key functional areas to design optimized business processes that support initiatives/programs designed to drive sales and other key business objectives through the application of lean methodologies.


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