Customer Service as Enhanced by Hotel Management Training

What do a hotel staff and a call center agent have in common? The answer is just two words  CUSTOMER SERVICE. The only difference is that hotel personnel entertains guests, carries baggage, cleans rooms and serves food while a call center representative entertains calls, answers emails or interacts through web chat. However, there may be instances wherein hotel staff can be either a receptionist or a front desk person, basically the same work as what call center agents do.

Another similarity is that both jobs require training before getting an endorsement. Though it seems to be easy to work as a hotel staff or a call center agent, training still gives the candidates an idea on what to expect; salary, duties and responsibilities, policies, familiarity of tools and other day to day workloads that comes with the job.

If managers and supervisors working in call centers have to undergo leadership trainings to develop certain skills needed to handle people, hotel supervisors and managers have to go through hotel management training. In addition, it would be a plus for a potential candidate to have a college degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, a Masters degree in Business Administration or a Doctorate degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Some areas of concentration include food management, entertainment and events management, global and sustainable tourism, and lodging operations. Indeed, hotel management training is a must so that world class customer service is provided at all times. Indeed, success is being measured from continued patronage of customers. This makes the culture of working in a hotel somewhat similar to working in a call center.

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