Determine customer service requirements by maintaining contact with customers, identifying customer service trends, being visible to the customer and partners, and resolving customer issues via your Service Recovery system.

More Uses of the Customer Service Training Toolkit:

  • Ensure you spend time with Administrators, Directors and managers to identify and design training needs and requirements.
  • Confirm your organization provides Customer Service Training and ensures all standards are maintained by the team.
  • Promote equity through program development and by fostering an equitable, diverse and inclusive work environment.
  • Coordinate: primarily office work with occasional use of the warehouse is to be expected during office days.
  • Liaise with recon to ensure timely completion and with guest to provide updated information and expectations.
  • Arrange that your organization handles complaints concerning billing or service rendered, referring complaints of service failures to designated departments for investigation.
  • Be accountable for providing direct phone support to team during busy periods, staff time off, and high value moves.
  • Provide store operations and personnel budget plan to Executive Management for review and approval.
  • Devise: design, develop, and deliver new hire, training and refresher Customer Service Training programs.
  • Obtain management approval of drafted response and issue response and/or apology to guest.
  • Ensure you hold weekly staff meetings with department managers to consider and resolve any issues relating to operations, staffing, etc.
  • Meet or exceed sales goals through the efficient execution of organization policies and procedures.
  • Manage to research new training techniques and suggest enhancements to existing training programs.
  • Accept and resolve escalated customer contacts originating from phone calls, web forms, in person visits, and emails conveyed via internal channels.
  • Lead the employee evaluation process by providing mentoring programs to all employees.
  • Identify: talent to interface with all departments throughout your organization regarding policies and maintaining consistency.
  • Identify: partner with your learning and development team to create a new client services onboarding process.
  • Head: monitor store staffing on a daily basis to ensure each department is adequately staffed.
  • Promote an equitable, diverse and inclusive work environment and support diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Ensure you show up early for your shift because you can not wait to hang out with the other members of your team.
  • Make sure that your organization handles service calls from customers by projecting a professional image and using your organization prepared script.
  • Confirm your organization follows organization training to ensure prompt and accurate dispatch of incoming orders.


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