Landing pages have varied impacts depending on how they were customized.  There are landing pages that are able to create more impact than the others.  This is primarily due to the diverse and dynamic customization processes injected on it. Below are some of the sections of the landing pages that need to be customized:

a. The Headline of the landing page.  You can come up with different headlines on a weekly basis and then try to test and experiment which headline works best in producing higher conversion rate.  You can tweak a little of the headline elements to make it customized to a specific group of potential clients.  
b. The Testimonials of the landing page.  Personal testimonials are a good and effective way to motivate and entice potential clients more specially when the personal testimonials are being handed out by celebrities or people who are powerful and credible.  You can inject on a daily basis some of the eye catching personal testimonials s that your landing page may look freshly updated.  
c. The Colors and Hues.  Colors and hues add drama and effect on a landing page.  The more vivid the colors are the more dramatic they become.  Although most landing pages are using the base colors in their page, there are still some who prefer the classic black color as it tries to demystify the whole landing page.  
d. The Content of the landing page.  The contents are where your visitors reference their interest.  You have to make sure that the way the content is customized brings positive impact on visitors taking action to your offer.

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