Invite an expert in the field of cyber-threat prevention to train your employees on how to prevent cyber attacks, cyber threat hunting can be difficult to do well and most organizations have come to realize how critical it can be for overall detection and response programs, also, once your employees are properly trained and educated in how to prevent cyber threats, put up posters everywhere to remind them of the cyber protection rules to follow.

Establishing a successful cyber risk dashboard starts with an integrated data architecture and a consolidated data lake to achieve consistent risk reporting that in turn can visualize threat control, today unfortunately, there is a disconnect between the escalation of cyber threats, the increased exposure of software to cyber threats and the effectiveness of the countermeasures for protecting and detecting cyber threats.

There have been cases where the automation of the threat intelligence feed and misapplication of indicators on the security perimeter of a network caused it to be completely isolated from the internet, a threat hunter must have considerable business knowledge and an understanding of normal enterprise operations in order to avoid false positives and have good communication skills to share the results of the hunt, by the way, as cyber criminals moved from cyber vandalism to cyber crime, ransomware emerged as the go-to malware to feed the money-making machine.

If a third party gets hacked, your organization can lose vital business data, and confidential employee information can be compromised, fighting such threats begins with the client device, the most common source of cyber-attack, together with that, you aim to quantify the economic impact of cyber attacks and observe cost trends over time to offer some practical guidance on how your organization can stay ahead of growing cyber threats.

While people have gotten used to the idea that their information is being leaked, cyber security still has a place in the digital world. If your password is leaked, you just change your password, but if a hacker gets access to your security camera, it becomes more of a problem, your cyber security is only as strong as its weakest link and that weak link is often the human element, so that, data encryption encoding critical information to make it unreadable and useless for malicious actors is an important computer security technique.

With cyber-threats existing inside and outside the security perimeter, it has become essential to adopt a zero trust security approach in order to keep business data protected, anywhere, so that, using threat hunting and advanced next-generation antivirus tools, an attack can be isolated on the host computer to take it off the network.

Threat remediation processes can be automated with a vulnerability management system and the most valuable threat remediation software must provide relevant information about threats in a way that can be easily distributed and consumed, by implementing a framework, businesses will have a fighting chance of disrupting an attack before it can disrupt business operations, correspondingly, incorporating the automation of specific cyber tasks makes it possible to increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining a strong security posture.

It is especially important for the threat hunter to keep current on the latest security research, particular attention needs to be paid to the types of insider threats that other organizations can face, today, startups are tackling cyber threats with the use of agile development, enabling them to address a set of items before moving onto the next.