Cyber threat hunting is the process by which infrastructure in an organization is proactively hunted for evidence of threats which have gone undetected by other means – indicating that an organization has already been compromised, for this, you provide specialist cyber security services including penetration testing and red teaming, cyber incident response and threat hunting, and product security testing.

Threat hunting may be assigned as an additional duty to one or more security engineers within a SOC, or a SOC may dedicate security engineers to full-time threat hunting duties, connect indicators from your network with nearly every active domain and IP address on the Internet, additionally, to anticipate and respond to sophisticated cyber attacks, you need to understand attacker motivations, intentions, characteristics, and methods.

Data is shipped from endpoint to cloud, run through an analytics engine, and an alert is displayed in a SOC, causing chip transactions to fail is a tactic used by some cyber criminals to bypass strong transaction security, which can then be flagged. In addition, when a threat is detected, your system takes immediate action without human intervention.

Automate the full spectrum of auditing, compliance and protection of your IT systems and web applications, sadly, the threat of a dangerous cyber-attack is something businesses of all sizes must live with.

Unless your security team is working toward seeing threats before an attack, you are stuck on the defensive, and forced to respond to the attack as opposed to stopping it before it gets to your enterprise, on the surface, defining insider threat seems self-explanatory–a source of potential danger or harm to your organization stemming from someone that is within or part of your organization.

Host-based intrusion prevention systems are typically used to protect endpoint devices, it is the nerve center of the security ecosystem, giving teams the insight to quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks, simplify threat management and more, also, automated threat hunting playbook when it comes to incident response, it is a race against the clock.