You need to to conduct threat modeling exercises for the applications designed by the various teams of your clients and work within the requirements of the project to deliver exceptional value at your work, identically, cybersecurity often focuses on defending against specific threats and vulnerabilities to mitigate cyber risk, but cyber resilience requires a more strategic and holistic view of what could go wrong and how your organization will address it as whole.

Internal audit is a pivotal ally, and must join forces with IT, in association with the board, management, and front line units, to build a truly robust cybersecurity strategy that focuses on anticipating and mitigating risks, and building organizational resilience, it is imperative to get leadership on board with recognizing that cyber resilience is more than just taking technology-focused measures, but also modifying processes and behaviors at all levels in the organization, also, hunting aims to detect threat actors early in the cyber kill chain by investigating the IT environment for signs of an intrusion.

Modern security providers deploy sophisticated technology and highly skilled analysts to actively patrol environments and locate anomalies, around the world, cyber dependency grows as increasing digital interconnection among people, things, and organizations expand, in particular, successful threat hunters must understand the tricks and techniques that your cyber adversaries use.

The most advanced managed security requires dedicated teams of threat hunters – analysts with the mindset of a hacker who will investigate and research anomalous behavior, activity, and files to unearth unknown threats, establishing a well-defined relationship with stakeholders is essential to business resilience, to achieve this, choose a trusted, experienced cyber security consultant with expert incident recovery knowledge.

Limit your exposure to all types of cyber and physical threats and extend your security across data centers, access control points, and edge devices and systems, as a rule, you will also need to gather people from different roles with sufficient technical and risk awareness to agree on the framework to be used during the Threat Modelling exercise.

Identify a core team of incident responders responsible for the plan and its execution, additionally, the data required to detect Cyber Threat Hunting threats may be distributed across devices and networks, and also, enterprises must defend themselves against new and increasingly stealthy actors using rapidly evolving techniques to bypass existing security measures.

Assuming individual utilities are already taking prudent steps to improve their physical security, technology can help by increasing the inherent resilience and flexibility of systems to withstand a wide range of terrorist attacks, physical or cyber, as well as natural disasters and other unforeseen events, an advanced persistent threat (APT) is a prolonged, aimed attack on a specific target with the intention to compromise system and gain information from or about that target, for the most part, you enable your organization to secure information, data and critical infrastructure from the changing threats that affect your people, processes and systems; strengthening your information governance and assuring resilience.

And lastly, be aware that other organizations also struggle with the delicate balance between the ever-changing threat landscape and growing pressure from more rigorous regulatory and compliance requirements.