In reality, the value of a powerful threat intelligence facility can help to defend against every threat actor type, and adds value at every stage of the cyber attack kill chain, another critical component of cyber threat intelligence is determining where you have intelligence collection, also, to use your own data as a source of threat intelligence, you must understand what normal is for your business, your employees, your processes and your technologies, and what type of threat actors have an interest in those resources.

An Advanced Persistant Threat (APT) refers to a persistent, multi-stage attack with the intention to compromise the system and gain information from the targeted system, which has the potential to cause significant damage and substantial financial loss, cyber threat analysis is a process in which the knowledge of internal and external information vulnerabilities pertinent to a particular organization is matched against real-world cyber attacks.

Such information can be used for interception of mobile data, calls, and also to establish new business models of fraud, threat intelligence SIEM facilities include connecting to threat intelligence feeds, including the feeds of third-parties, and solution providers.