Ready to use prioritized Cybersecurity requirements, to:

Safeguard that your personnel works in close collaboration with the Cyber risk team with architecture responsibilities to develop and maintain a Cyber security architecture process that enables the enterprise to develop and implement security solutions and capabilities that are clearly aligned with business, technology and threat drivers, and lead architecture development of key Cyber risk management capabilities such as authentication and authorization, Cloud platform security and others. .


    • Does your vendor have designated cybersecurity personnel, as a Chief Information Security Officer, and do your vendors require their staff to undergo cybersecurity and data privacy training?
    • What types of cybersecurity policies, plans, and/or protocols does your organization have in place for the control system network to detect, respond to, and/or recover from a cyber incident?
    • Have you implemented appropriate Cybersecurity governance, risk management, incident response and business continuity frameworks?
    • Does your organization have a named Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or alternatively a single individual who has the authority to approve cybersecurity related decisions?
    • Do you have a cyber Risk Management tool for all levels of your organization in assessing risk and show how Cybersecurity factors into risk assessments?
    • Does your organization have a Cybersecurity risk management process that is functioning and repeatable?
    • Does your organization have specialized staff regarding data privacy and and/or cybersecurity issues to complement existing expertise?
    • Does your organization have a Security Awareness and Training Program that allows for individuals to understand the roles within cybersecurity and learn more about emerging threats?
    • How does your organization ensure that recurring cybersecurity training reinforces security roles, responsibilities, and duties of employees at all levels to protect against and recognize cyber threats?
    • Does your organization have threat detection and response, security monitoring, identity management and vulnerability management?

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