Ready to use prioritized Cybersecurity Risk Management requirements, to:

Verify that your process acts as the 2nd line oversight and independent challenge of Cybersecurity risk management activities for the Enterprise in areas such as: Cybersecurity Strategy and Governance, Cyber Threat Intelligence operations, Infrastructure Security, Vulnerability assessments, Cybersecurity Assurance, Secure Software Development Lifecycle, End point protection, Logging and Monitoring, Incident Response and Recovery, Security Architecture, Data Protection and Information Security, Third Party Risk Management, among others. .


    • Address data privacy for information provided to your organization as part of the cloud excellence implementer program.
    • Foresee your use of key risk management products evolve in the next two years.
    • Incorporate Cybersecurity strategies as part of an overall enterprise risk management plan and stay secure.
    • The analysis and management of risk and mitigation of hazards is essential in our increasingly complex society.
    • Prevent the risk management function from devolving into a control testing function.
    • Manage data security risks.
    • Ensure that the board and senior management are regularly involved in managing Cybersecurity risks and resource allocation.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of your Cybersecurity risk management program, and determine if it aligns with your risk appetite.
    • Evaluate and report on the overall maturity of a cyber risk management program.
    • Know if information risk practices are making a difference.

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