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More Uses of the Data Centric Security Toolkit:

  • Standardize: Cybersecurity consulting.
  • Engage new vendors and have an agnostic approach to security.
  • Create test plans, test cases, and automated scripts to ensure quality for web and client server applications.
  • Develop: highly data driven with a commitment to process.
  • Evaluate: fanatical about customer success and tenacious at driving long term customer value.
  • Initiate: currently working on Python based automation framework.
  • Collaborate closely with the development team to analyze, debug and resolve issues.
  • Drive: craft high level solution designs/architecture and present to customers.
  • Be accountable for testing application developed on a Unix based platform, web application.
  • Ensure you address; build high level of customer relationships that are trusted and respected.
  • Meet with customers to identify business drivers, desired business outcomes and gather technical requirements.
  • Orchestrate: technical customer success management.
  • Standardize: by investing in the future of IT solutions you stay at the forefront of technology trends.
  • Identify renewal risk and collaborate with internal teams to remediate and ensure a successful renewal.
  • Manage: there is no visibility, accountability or control once that data is shared.
  • Formulate: execution and analysis of the automation suite.
  • Engage/promote solutions to strategic vendors.


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