Enterprise data management, data warehousing and/or business intelligence; data modeling, integration and/or synchronization, quality, security, conversion and analysis; database administration; and/or enterprise data management policies, procedures, compliance and risk management.

  • Ensure that new systems, applications, and data integration measures adhere to existing data management practices, policies, and procedures.
  • Be accountable for identifying opportunities for standardization and automation of existing solutions and processes to maximum potential from your teams.
  • Ensure you amplify; understand complex financial data and processes to perform data analysis, review reporting logic, trace data lineage and sources.
  • Ensure you participate; build out the necessary data structures optimized for eCommerce analytics, leveraging the on premise data warehouse and other structured and unstructured data warehousing/storage platforms.
  • Become fluent in data technologies as data governance tooling, data platform technologies, and enterprise architecture principles.
  • Have progressing skills in Software Engineering Techniques, Software Engineering Architecture, Software Engineering Lifecycle and Data Management.
  • Develop and implement modifications necessary to correct software defects and implement enhancements based on requirements provided by the project team.
  • Provide guidance and thought partnership to Business leaders and stakeholders on how best to harness available data in support of critical business needs and goals.
  • Have baseline skills in Business Analysis, Business knowledge, Software Engineering leadership, Architecture knowledge and Technical Solution Design.
  • Confirm your corporation complies; interfaces and builds relationships with function managers to ensure adherence to data governance principles and proper functioning of dashboards.
  • Execute audits periodically to ensure that data is being properly managed in the Cloud, and that legal or security requirements are consistently being met.
  • Improve existing reporting and design, and implement visualizations that clearly communicate results, patterns, and leading indicators.
  • Ensure you chart; united way brings people, organizations, and communities together around a common cause, a common vision, and a common path forward.
  • Identify KPIs/metrics and work with business teams to provide reports to be utilized in making operational and strategic decisions.
  • Support the development of business requirements and completion of software testing activities associated with the delivery of applications and financial models to clients.


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