Data management sap master data creation/maintenance; create/document data processes; data analysis and data profiling; quality and integrity data benchmarking; document/maintain Data Dictionary; communication and interaction with multiple levels of your organization.

More Uses of the Data Dictionary Toolkit:

  • Ensure you spearhead; build data catalog, Data Dictionary and make data searchable for your stakeholders and users.
  • Head: data research and analysis in support of creating, advising and reviewing enterprise data models and Data Dictionary.
  • Investigate issues holistically to assess the requirements impacting the data model and Data Dictionary.
  • Oversee: work closely with Product Owners, Portfolio Leaders and Developers to create and maintain Data Dictionary and data alignment.
  • Secure that your organization develops data model to support new applications; normalize data; develop and implement physical database design; maintain Data Dictionary for applications in cooperation with Database Administrators.
  • Arrange that your organization develops relational data models, dimensional data models, Data Dictionary and metadata.
  • Be certain that your organization defines and maintains Data Dictionary (terminology, valid data, and values (metadata)).
  • Maintain for managing responsibility of the administration of data governance and quality software, maintaining a corporate Data Dictionary, ensuring data quality standards are met.
  • Maintain a Data Dictionary for distribution and preservation asset types.
  • Be accountable for the development of the business Data Dictionary across identified functions.
  • Be accountable for building and maintaining the Data Dictionary/catalog, data review and other sustainment processes.
  • Maintain database schemas and data descriptions in Data Dictionary.
  • Ensure that the account has a functional Data Dictionary and supporting documented policies/processes associated with maintaining data integrity/confidence and a data governance program.
  • Evaluate: design conceptual, logical and physical data models, maintain Data Dictionary and capture metadata.
  • Use specific database management software, file organization and Data Dictionary, and its operating environment.
  • Develop database objects, Data Dictionary and ensure the quality and integrity of the databases.
  • Direct: design and implement Data Dictionary, data infrastructure, model development platform, analytical tools and systems.
  • Formulate: work closely with Product Owner, Portfolio Leaders and developers to create and maintain Data Dictionary and data alignment.
  • Be accountable for designing conceptual, logical and physical data models and maintaining Data Dictionary and capturing metadata.
  • Initiate: work closely with data stewards, data governance and developers to create and maintain Data Dictionary and data lineage.
  • Audit: proactively participate and help to lead the team and coach other development teams in it to enforce standards in all development initiatives involving data modeling, data quality, Data Dictionary consistency for all data elements and meta data management.
  • Develop: work closely with data experts to build and maintain kpi Data Dictionary, metadata, data standards, and ensure adherence to the plans analytics method and data standards.
  • Create a taxonomy/Data Dictionary to communicate data requirements that are important to business stakeholders.
  • Ensure you guide; aid the IT department in building a Data Dictionary for ease of use when building reports.


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