Or, if users need access to sensitive data and you are still concerned about a threat actor stealing akin assets, you might deploy a data masking or encryption tool to hide sensitive data, to date, data protection through encryption, tokenization and masking have been complex and tedious processes. Along with, distinct from data masking, data encryption translates data into another form, or code, so that only people with access to a secret key (formally called a decryption key) or password can read it.

Identical Process

A process for masking data that includes providing a field of data to a masking application system and replacing the field of data with identical masked data regardless of a type of application that supplies the field of data to the masking application system, also, you can encrypt data before it is written into the database—and ensure data is encrypted at the application server, in transit and in the database.

Referential Key

The priority for an existing deployment is often to apply protection without disrupting operations or requiring re-architecture of the application, while new deployments need the flexibility to use the best tools for applying the highest level of protection, all key management processes and procedures for keys used for encryption of cardholder data must be fully documented and implemented, also, it is also, important to ensure data integrity to maintain correct application behavior after masking and to ensure integrity you must consider referential data relationships.

Random Protection

Omni-channel pci compliance and data protection for end-to-end payments security, other roles may require access to the original data on a case-to-case basis, which is recorded in audit logs. To say nothing of, another term that is used to refer to data masking is data obfuscation and is the process through which one can hide original data with random characters, data or codes.

Confidential Enterprise

Protects sensitive data according to policy with centralized, on-premises, enterprise control over encryption keys and data in cloud services, pre-configured characters are used to partly or fully replace sensitive data based on masking rules, also, data masking enables organizations to generate realistic and fully functional data with similar characteristics as the original data to replace sensitive or confidential information.

Sensitive Test

Provides enterprise security intelligence and efficient compliance reporting by combining monitoring and audit data, dynamic data masking helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by enabling customers to designate how much of the sensitive data to reveal with minimal impact on the application layer. To summarize, suitable for test environments and partner environments, where it can be used to generate realistic data without exposing sensitive information.

Even with data masking enabled, access to data is unrestricted for all users until one or more data masks are defined, in your organization, different personnel will have access to different files, while the remaining data will have to be masked in order to prevent unnecessary alteration or deletion. Along with, when it comes to security, the problem is the people who have access to the data.

Full disk encryption and backup tape encryption helps your organization secure sensitive data, big data has fundamentally changed the way organizations manage, analyze and leverage data in any industry. In the first place, while data masking is a very important tool for many use cases that need to hide parts of sensitive records e.g.

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