The Standard Query Language Server or the SQL Server is one type of software that is capable of handling data recovery and data retrieval.  These capabilities are aligned to be embedded on the software potentially because this software is designed to effectively perform management of database and records.  

Data recovery is one very essential and critical component that any SQL server must have.  Many conglomerate leaders are dependent on data recovery because of the numerous instances that they require immediate and instant data that will involve critical decision to make.  Data recovery and data retrieval mechanisms use the querying as their main mode of recovering and retrieving of data primarily stored on the SQL Database server.  The query manner is usually being communicated via the variety of SQL Transactions —  a language that Microsoft made SQL server share with another server known as the SQL Sybase.  Using English like statements, the query declares what sort of data is required to be recovered or retrieved from the database server. This request is then being processed by the query locator/processor which then tries to figure out the necessary procedures to be undertaken for the query request to be completed.

With the types of queries that can be made using the T-SQL language, the SQL Server has devised many query options that a user can choose from based on the nature of the query (recovering or retrieving) that he or she desires.  This is made possible with the use of the schematic database using the relational database management system query.  

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