Enterprise architecture repositories are very important in the life of an organization. If particular organization is able to link together their different process models, technological models and organization models in one central repository, they can have a more realistic view of the entire enterprise. Such a view will then allow the different users to further eliminate the efficiencies that can also come with the business process, bring out their best practices and establish systems that will truly help to enhance the entire organization. As such, they may need the help of people who provide enterprise architecture solutions to come up with a solid enterprise architecture repository.

There are many enterprise architecture providers that can help any organization develop a centralized access to the different models by using a central repository that can also be accessed by a wide number of users. Such repositories can then be networked in order to suit the particular geography of a certain distributed designer. If one were to do this, any size or any particular number of teams will then develop applications at a much more faster rate, complete with greater consistencies and a much more reduced cost. The repository will then allow a more complete set of facilities that will allow provisions for backup, recovery, and version control and model management. The scalability of the enterprise architecture repository simply means that it will do wonders for your organization, even if it is very large and quite complex, because everyone will have access to data that one needs.

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