Extend technical expertise and mentor team members on an ongoing basis; ensure team achieves productivity and quality targets, perform benchmarking reviews and perform oversight of deliverables using different tools/ techniques and maintain and report relevant metrics.

More Uses of the Data Validation Toolkit:

  • Ensure you lead product managers and engineers throughout the onboarding and Data Validation processes while maintaining relationships with key external and internal stakeholders.
  • Develop and lead a team based support structure to ensure availability and continuity of operational reporting and analytic needs.
  • Create extract, transform, load (ETL) solutions to move and maintain data, with diligent Data Validation procedures to ensure accuracy and data integrity.
  • Warrant that your organization supports and participates in the research, planning, installation, configuration, testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrade of applicable systems.
  • Ensure you can write high performance Batch Programs, Business Services, Algorithms, and Change Handlers as per standard coding standards and business requirements.
  • Involve in data analysis, Data Validation, data modeling, data profiling, data verification, data mapping, data loading, data warehousing/etl testing and bi reporting testing.
  • Head: work cross functionally to create the tools and resources needed to achieve extraordinary results that render a significant impact extending beyond the boundaries of traditional engineering roles.
  • Develop: when you manage your team, you manage a dynamic culture in which career development is encouraged, excellence is rewarded and diversity is valued.
  • Direct: partner with development teams, customer success team members, and the broader analytics teams to enable decision support and key customer insights in the product and customer success spaces.
  • Configure mdm software to satisfy functional and technical requirements in defining match/merge, workflow, user interfaces, security, access rules, etc.
  • Lead: work as a team member in creation and maintenance of etl scripts, tools, queries and applications used for healthcare data management, Data Validation, statistical report generation, and program validation.
  • Drive early success for new users by ensuring a positive start to customer journey through activities as training, installation, setup, and early Data Validation.
  • Develop marketing attribution and consumer engagement models using statistical methodologies and machine learning techniques for marketing campaigns.
  • Systematize: research and develop quantitative tools and techniques to measure and analyze consumer engagement, potential opportunities and business risks.
  • Coordinate: leverage looker and other bi tools to review broadcast and streaming values over time and identify value outliers and proactively surface errors in analysis.
  • Develop, document and maintain functional test cases and other test artifacts like test data, Data Validation, harness scripts and automated scripts.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and analysts to ensure solutions are scalable, repeatable, effective, and meet expectations of various stakeholders.
  • Ensure your organization communicates priorities, requirements and operational impacts and aligns with manager expectations with affiliate stakeholders in projects and department activities.
  • Arrange that your organization contributes to and supports the corporations quality initiatives by planning, communicating and encouraging team and individual contributions toward the corporations quality improvement efforts.
  • Support tasks as Data Validation, performance tuning and facilitate end user testing on designed reports, dashboards and statistical models.
  • Standardize: data modeling and data mappings (landing, staging and base objects), Data Validation, match and merge rules, hierarchy, relationship, cleansing logic, and mapping survivorship criteria.
  • Drive: design of reports work with the business and other members of the operations team to understand reporting needs and design reports to meet needs for specialized reporting.
  • Confirm your organization monitors and evaluates the overall quality of behavioral health services provided by your organization to ensure compliance with contracts, licensing and regulations.
  • Ensure you selected individual should be able to lead initiatives, be comfortable interacting with all levels of management and be able to present herself/himself and product with confidence.
  • Evaluate and establish the validity of incoming claims data and data element combinations to ensure accuracy and completeness of all reporting results.


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