Data Warehouse Metadata and Its Benefits

Many businesses are now using data ware housing to be able to integrate information that is both accurate and consistent. However, most of these businesses were not successful to reach a level of integration in terms of data warehouse metadata with their business information.

Why is this so?  The reason is that there is a lack of understanding on the significance of metadata. Aside from this, metadata integration is also a complicated task. Although there are available packaged analytic applications in data warehousing, data warehouse metadata function was not simplified.

Various benefits

Businesses must make themselves aware on the importance of data warehouse metadata by knowing its potential benefits.
Data warehouse metadata contributes to improved productivity. A metadata that is both integrated and consistent creates an efficient environment for the technical staff. This is because they can now make decisions that are based on timely and organized data. An organized and integrated data warehouse metadata has the ability to track changes immediately.

Business users need to have an understanding of what data the business has in the data warehouse. They usually want to know what pre-build reports and analysis exist. Through data warehouse metadata, users will be able to use the value of information in the data warehouse.

The management of a data warehouse metadata is not easy. However, the fact that there are businesses, which are making an effort into putting up an integrated data warehouse metadata, is enough proof that this is useful for the business.

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