If an IT professional thinks that he is stuck in his job inside a company and feels that promotion is a far away dream—then he can make a change in his routine. He can take an MCITP exam and acquire that certification. It’s not a tough decision whether to acquire an MCITP certificate or not. There are more advantages than disadvantages.

Advantages or disadvantages?

The only disadvantage in acquiring that MCITP certificate is that an IT professional has to invest time, money and effort. If he is working, then he needs to divide his time between working and learning. He also has to study a lot because the exam can be quite tough. He also has to invest some money for the materials he would need during exam preparation. But these are just the disadvantages.
The advantages after much time and hard work spent are equal to the numerous career opportunities that will be opened. An MCITP certificate can work like magic because prospective employers prefer to hire staffs that have these certificates.

Benefits to Individuals

An individual wanting to climb fast in his IT career ladder can benefit from having an MCITP EA certificate. This ensures an individual that he is updating his knowledge on a regular basis and keeping himself relevant in the industry in terms of skills.

Further, if an organization is working on Microsoft technologies, then it would definitely prefer hiring IT professionals with MCITP EA certificates for some jobs on Microsoft products and solutions.

Having an MCITP EA certificate also opens a lot of doors for IT professionals in terms of Microsoft conferences, product and information.

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