Defining SaaS: A Closer Look

Everyones all a-buzz about software as a service, but when you really get down to it, what does it all mean? Basically, software as a service is a type of software application model of delivery wherein a vendor services web-based customers by coming up with a web-native software application that is hosted and operated independently of through third party applications. The customers do not provide a fee for owning the actual software itself  rather they pay for its usage. They use saas by means of an API that is accessible over the internet and are often written using web-based services. The term Saas for software as a service has been established as the industry preferred one, as it has replaced the previous terms Application Service Provider (or ASP) and On-Demand.

These give clients access to network based software and provides them with a whole range of opportunities for customization and management. The software activities that they manage from key locations allow the customers remote access to them via Internet. It can be a single instance model, or a multi-tenant architecture, depending on the needs of the client and the structure and nature of their company. The software use package takes into consideration a lot of elements that include architecture, partnering, pricing, and characteristics of management that are both centralized when it comes to updating features, which then preclude the need to download upgrades as well as patches. Sometimes additional fees are necessary depending on the number of users who wish to avail of the service.

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