Defining the SCJP Certification Syllabus

First, know that there are two types of SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) certifications which are known as Exam 310-035 (or Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4) and Exam 310-055 (or Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform Standard edition 5.0). Any exam taker must be aware of the difference between these two.

The Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 is concerned with the following requirements: an exam taker should have 6 to 12 months of experience in Java Programming; and get a passing score of at least 52% (or 32 points out of 61 questions) within the time limit of 120 minutes. Questions are delivered as both short answer and multiple choice options.

Some recommended training you should pursue for Exam SCJP 1.4 are SL-110-SE6, WJB-110A, CDK-110A, SL-275-SE6, WJB-275A and CDJ-275A. These are all concerned about Java programming languages and are all recommended (though are not prerequisites.)

SCJP 1.4 is available in English, Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, German, Korean, Portuguese  Brazilian and Spanish.

Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard edition 5.0 is concerned with the following: no experience needed, no other required certifications, answer 72 questions with a passing score of 43 points (or 59% within the time limit of 175 minutes.) Exam is composed of multiple choice, and drag and drop, options.

Taking up appropriate training is recommended and essential, but not prerequisite. Courses you are advised to take are SL-110-SE6, WJB-110A, CDJ-110A, SL-275-SE6 and PK-CERTJ-JA1D which mostly tackles Java Programming Language. Other support courses are PK-DTJ-2762, SEM-DTJ-2762 and WJO-2762.

SCJP 5.0 is available in English, traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and neutral Spanish.

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