When it comes to defining your marketing landing page you have to start by focusing on the web design of your home page. However, this is not always the case especially if your company is already having a great number of online marketing campaigns. This is why there is also a need to come up with various landing pages which can yield more returns and leads.

The landing page which is also termed as the microsite is designed to attain marketing outcome. Visitors are directed to marketing campaigns being offered by the company. After the customer is being referred to the landing page the company will then maximize the opportunity to attract more customers by giving them a series of pages that will yield sales and lead enhancement. This is done by asking the visitor to fill out an online form to get customer profile.

The Rationale and Objectives behind Marketing Landing Page
•    To generate lead and then eventually sales
•    Creation of profile system which can be used in further marketing communications
•    Discussion of the company’s value wherein the customers can throw their inquiries and get settlements afterwards
•    Dissemination of company and brand values and the organizational campaigns

The Two Kinds of Marketing Landing Pages

The availability of various kinds of marketing landing pages is not a problem but the selection of which kind of landing page to use should be considered. The landing page that will be used should depend on the campaign objectives and the timeframe of the project’s existence (long term or short term campaign for instance). Here are the two types:
1.    The Integrated Landing Page for site architecture and style which is designed to be consistent with customized page templates and navigation function capacity of the site.

2.    The Bespoke Landing Page which is not in fact part of the main site structure or overall site style but it still offers a unique and special overall look and feel for the site.

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