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The secure library in which the definitive authorized versions of all media CIs are stored and protected. The DML should include definitive copies of purchased software (along with license documents or information) as well as software developed on site.
Definitive Spares (DS): (previously known as DHS)
Physical storage of all spare IT components and assemblies maintained at the same level as within the live environment. New IT assemblies are stored here until ready for use, and additional components can be used when needed for additional systems or in the recovery from Incidents.

Details recorded in the CMDB, but controlled by Release and Deployment Management.

Early Life Support
Where release and deployment teams assist in managing any calls, incidents and problems that are detected in the immediate few days/weeks after the deployment of the new or modified service.

Remember – the elements found within the DML and DS are recorded as Configuration Items in the Configuration Management System.

Release and Deployment Management also works closely with Change Management and the Service Desk to inform users of scheduled changes/deployments. Tools used to do this can include:

* E-mail notification
* SMS notification
* Verbal communication.

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