A lot of six sigma proponents will agree with one another that the essential tool to six sigma success is the ability to build an effective infrastructure. This effective infrastructure can serve as the foundation of the success of a particular organization in the way six sigma is implemented. It is also a proven fact that six sigma success lies on the projects that are selected and their links to the strategy of the organization. So many publications regarding the choices of projects and filters do not have enough detail on the key infrastructure of six sigma deployment, and this is an issue that needs to be addressed if the company wishes to forge on to success.

When the building up of a particular implementation structure is discusses, it is necessary to embark on the project that follows the DMAIC methodology  the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. For deployment to proceed, one needs to define the direction of the organization in a strategic manner, set measures that will be for the organization’s strategic objectives, analyze and collect on a continual basis the data using tools and techniques of six sigma, identify the different opportunities for growth and create them into projects for six sigma, and finally learn how to control action of management based on continuous reviews of improvement that are made on six sigma projects. These components of DMAIC and their corresponding objectives will make sure that the deployment of six sigma will be done in a very efficient way, with a lot of return on investments.


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