The Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Professional is an essential innovative software solution for an efficient software management. This software virtualization solution involves the placing of various applications and data into manageable units termed as virtual software packages. Specifically, Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Professional allows instant activation, deactivation, and reset of interrelated applications.

Moreover, the Altiris Software Virtualization Solution entirely prevents conflicts that may arise between applications. The prevention can be done without even changing the foundation of Windows installation. Also, the process of streaming the applications offers on-demand delivery mechanism that influences the capability feature of Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Professional in real-time infrastructuring.

There are four significant key features of Altiris Software Virtualization Solution. These key features include 1) an immediate repair of damaged on running applications, 2) efficient on-demand application delivery, 3) streaming of several applications to enable on-demand application distribution, and 4) dynamic license management. On the other hand, the specific software virtualization solution’s three major benefits include 1) acquiring of host multiple versions of an application on the same system, 2) reducing conflicts between applications, and 3) improving application flexibility and reliability.

Furthermore, the Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Professional has been initially designed as an instantly ran and user-friendly software virtualization solution. It includes an Advanced Layer Properties Editor that allows potential users to easily customize and optimize a certain virtual software package before its delivery. Likewise, this software virtualization solution also includes the real and virtual file systems into a single view for the end-users.

Lastly, Altiris products purchases and renewals will move to a support/ maintenance model, which is composed of technical support and software upgrade protection. Plus, two levels of technical support services—essential and basic maintenance supports—are available to meet different customer needs.

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