FY09 Plan for Central Services for IT/ Software Licenses
Prepared by: Cele Bruce
Date: 25 September 2009
Relevant Strategic Plans – HYPERLINK “https://cd-docdb.fnal.gov:440/cgi-bin/ShowDocument?docid=2212″Strategic Plan for Central Services (LSC)

Software License Goal
Provide software license services throughout the Laboratory (scientific & business applications).
Improve end-user experience through intuitive and user-friendly interface for customer support.
Investigate a central software management system that provides automated self-service provisioning for software deployment.
Investigate an automated chargeback system based on software acquired through the central software management system.
Provide automated reports to ensure software compliancy and reduce redundancy.
Continue support of Enterprise Software Agreements.

Software License Strategy
Apply formal ITIL-derived best practices to the delivery and support of software services. The ITIL framework applies across the whole range of activities and implements a number of key processes, among them continuous service improvement.
Provide an intuitive user friendly interface for users to request software.
Provide automated chargeback process for software purchased.
Provide customers with timely reports regarding licensing for efficient budget forecasting.

FY09 Accomplishments
Received letter of closure for Fermilab in response to Adobe License Compliance Program data call.
Software license web pages have been updated to provide lab with information regarding software contracts and costs (where applicable).
Provided DOE Enterprise Wide Agreement (EWA) representative with information for a possible DOE EWA with Siemens.

Not Accomplished in FY09
Microsoft Home Use Program transactions to allow employees to easily request software did not occur due to lack of resources from other group.
Due to the helpdesk transformation into a service center, basic software distribution was not outsourced to the Service Center.
Central software management system was not implemented due to unavailability to conduct proof of concept beta.

Objectives for FY10
Provide a central software management system for lab employees to acquire new software.
Incorporate the Microsoft Home Use Program transactions into the central software distribution system.
Outsource basic software license questions and software distribution to the CD Service Center

CENTRAL IT SERVICES/Software Licenses/General Support
Activity type: Service
Description: Support driven by customer requests
Timescale: Continuous
Milestones: —–
Metrics Service requests times – target 75% requests < 1 business day Tracked via Remedy CENTRAL IT SERVICES / Software Licenses/Service Center Support Activity type: Service Description: Train service desk staff to handle basic license questions. Timescale: Start: Jan ‘10; Finish: Continuous Milestones: Training of Service Center staff; Ability to open software request via Service Center Task stemming from an Incident. Metrics Service requests times – target 75% requests < 1 business day Tracked via Remedy CENTRAL IT SERVICES / Software Licenses/Projects/Store Activity type: New Description: Create site to allow employees to utilize central software management system as a means to purchase and request software installation Timescale: Start: Apr ‘10; Finish: Dec ‘10 (based on Authentication & Directory Services progress on SCCM) Milestones: SCCM (beta domain); SCCM (production domain) Metrics: Downloads/installations CENTRAL IT SERVICES / Software Licenses/Projects/Store Activity type: New Timescale: Start: Apr, ‘10; Complete: Dec ‘10 (based on SCCM availability) Milestones: Incorporate Microsoft Home Use Program into central software management system Priorities: The main priority is to provide continuous software license support to the lab community. Staffing Issues: For FY10, the staffing will be the same as last year. There are no plans to increase staff to support licensing for the laboratory. Cele Bruce (.5FTE) To implement the central software store, consulting may be required of the Authentication & Directory Services Group. Change control: Changes in the support levels, major business processes, services provided and prioritization of projects requires the approval of the CD Field Financial Manager. Risk Assessment: Inadequate level of support could impact the productivity of the Laboratory’s work force.

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