Build information networks; plan and oversee maintenance of publicly accessible information materials on the programme; plan and develop outreach activities.

More Uses of the Design for behaviour change Toolkit:

  • Support programs implementing partners to address communications needs and implement communications and advocacy related activities.
  • Steer: international communications and visibility consulting.
  • Methodize: positive, pragmatic and supportive approach to all situations.
  • Oversee: quickly understand what you need to do, plans and delivers it.
  • Identify: other change/improvements identified as work progresses.
  • Control: organizational development and learning specialization.
  • Support development and dissemination of the programs key messages, communications products and deliverables.
  • Be certain that your organization puts theory into practice.
  • Associate, instructional design.
  • Update of program corner website.
  • Oversee: brief report of communication related activities conducted as per the deliverables of the work plan.


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