Secure that your organization develops, operates and maintains quality control systems (inspection and test methods) which assure approved quality levels and standards to meet or exceed customers requirements.

  • Ensure you observe, reflect and analyze processes to make more informed decisions.
  • Manage work with a Program/Project management to estimate schedules, and project budgets.
  • Manage your team as you continue your transformation journey and help you build a better tomorrow.
  • Prepare accurate project estimates and resource plans.
  • Be accountable for tracking, analyzing, reporting KPIs regarding quality, cost, and process cycle times.
  • Ensure you think innovatively to come up with creative solutions to complex challenges.
  • Make sure that your operation leads and/or participates in quality audits (internal and external) of processes and solutions.
  • Create and effectively manage project schedules and resource plans.
  • Evaluate production, supplier and field failures for root cause analysis and resolution.
  • Qualify production processes based on dimensional data, control plans.
  • Assure your design applies statistical methods for product and process control.
  • Launch tooling with accelerated schedules, assess related project risk, and identify mitigations.
  • Manage work with test engineers and technicians in defining requirements for device characterization, debug and validation.
  • Solve technical problems across a broad set of manufacturing commodities.
  • Secure that your project analyzes data relevant to quality inspections and initiatives and generates improvement conclusions and reports.
  • Secure that your group develops and administers quality training programs for all appropriate functions in your organization.


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