Simple yet very effective design of the whole website can be attributed to designing your Web 2.0 header. So if you are just a beginner when it comes to developing the design of your Web 2.0 header then, here are the helpful steps and tutorial that can help you move on along the way.
The target design would be a simple and easy-to-make design. Here are the steps:

1. To start of, create a new document. You may use the size 600 x 190 pixels for the size of your header. And then, part of this first step is to fill your background layer with white. The command would be Edit then Fill.
2. Next would be to create a new layer and you may select the design shape called rectangular marquee. Then, your pixels selection in this part, which is on the top, would be 600 x 120. And for the color, it would be nice to use a linear gradient which is from a lighter blue shade to darker blue shade. The command would be Layer then New then Layer.
3. Then add some highlights to the header itself. You can use the radial gradient and then white transparent.
4. Then another highlight, this time with intensity. Do the step number 3 but this time on the right side of the banner.
5. Then another design that you may want to incorporate is the abstract brush design which of course belongs to the shade of blue.
6. For this step, its time to put the text you want on your Web header. Choose the simplest first though.
7. Navigation should be done next by using another new layer this time its black. Contrast it with the white shade of the text.
8. Finally, place your link on the background of navigation as you finalize the font that you would want to use.

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