SOA as we know by now is the acronym for Service Oriented Architecture. Web mail is one
aspect of the SOA Web services field. SOA Web services are used for the implementation of
the architecture itself by allowing standard Internet protocols to be the channels by which
functional components are communicated. The Internet protocols themselves are not dependent
on programming languages or platforms like .NET SOA or Java.

When we refer to Web mail itself, it is a shortcut reference to Web-based email. This is an
email service that is dependent on a Web browser (like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox)
so that the user or account holder can access the inbox of the account at any PC that has
Internet access. You know many popular email services or Web-based email services by now,
like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

The same system that gives users the advantage of access anywhere in the world is also its
disadvantage – without net access, the user is literally dead in the water. He cannot
function without a good net access and a PC.

So, SOA Web mail could refer to the use of Web-based email to send SOA components between
locations, or the use of SOA to create the Web-based email service itself, perhaps to
integrate it into a more all-encompassing enterprise system. Every SOA component in the Web
services field may be either a service provider, service broker, or a service requestor.

As more and more enterprise systems developers venture into the SOA field, it is reasonable
to expect more use of SOA Web mail as well.

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